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Bring the delights of Summer into your home...

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Honestly don’t know where to begin... these wax melts are stunning!! I ordered two different smells one for me and one for my mum, and we can both say they are the best wax melts we’ve tried in a long time! Amazing customer service they were so helpful in helping me choose the right smell for me! Would honestly recommend to anyone who is looking for a long lasting beautiful smell!


'Botanical heaven!'

Oh gosh so many good things to say about this small business. Firstly, the simple fact that these wax melts are 100% botanical is a winner for me! Not only does the packaging look so sleek and professional, but each little wax melt inside is beautifully crafted and decorated with dried flowers or herbs. The look incredible and they smell INSANE! I’ve tried a number of different scents now and each one has been perfection.



Absolutely love receiving my Espoir Home orders. I have ordered wax melts, a candle and diffuser; all of which are exceptionally well presented and packaged, and the aromas are out of this world.
I have spent a fair few pounds on home fragrances over the years, but nothing can compare to Espoir Home; the fragrance selections are perfectly balanced and very well made. Far better longevity than the standard, well known brands out there